The key to intuitive UX – Gestalt Principles

You are self-confident that you decide where you put your attention on. That's right, but it's only half the truth. There are Principles that determine how people naturally perceive visual elements and you, as well as your users, are influenced by it, too. If you understand the Gestalt Principles you understand how to create a better UX. You will be…

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How to create a viral product

To an app developer, a product that’s gone viral is one of the most lofty achievements that can be experienced. A viral app is one that users are eager to share across the internet through mediums such as social media, word-of-mouth, and email. It harnesses the power of the snowball effect, exponentially growing in size as people add to it’s…

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Methods of UX Analytics (Part 2)

Annnd we are back. In this article you will find out what methods of UX Analytics will help you to create a killer UX! You will get inspiration and a direction for your next steps. (If you missed part 1, read it here!) You might remember this table: (more…)