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Deliver a great mobile experience

Analyze heatmaps and optimize your mobile app by understanding how your users interact with it. Uncover and solve the biggest bottlenecks that affect user experience.

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Get comprehensive
UX insights

In a single view, analyze user engagement for any of your app screens. Understand the most important UX elements for each screen, entry and exit points, and specific gestures that are the most popular.

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See where users are
most frustrated

Stop wondering if your users are tapping where intended. Discover and fix UI issues with our rage- and unresponsive-tap heatmaps to improve the user experience before your users grow frustrated — and churn.

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Compare engagement
across devices

Compare heatmaps for each screen across all of your app versions and device types. This lets you measure and validate the changes in user behavior and interaction across different user segments.

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Get a 360-degree view of
user interactions

You can quickly view the multiple entry and exit screens for each heatmap that you are analyzing. Combined with the ability to contextually replay associated sessions, you get a complete view of in-app user journey.

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Thanks to Session Recording, we had a real light-bulb moment that led us to the key bottleneck where users struggled the most. We identified a potential opportunity for driving adoption.

Gaurav Jain Lead Product Manager

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If something goes wrong within the app, UXCam is the first port of call to understand what's going on. Playing a key role across multiple teams, UXCam is now an integral part of the launch and live ops strategy.

Costa Coffee

Daniel Tomlinson Global Digital Analytics Manager

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We wanted to make data-driven decisions on what content to push out next and evaluate how our instructors are doing. With UXCam, we get a holistic picture of the top performing content within the app and the instructors that drive the highest user engagement.

Inspire Fitness

Neil Jain Product Manager

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