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Top 5 Product Management Podcasts to Listen to in 2024


12 September, 2023

Tope Longe
Tope Longe

Growth Manager

Product Management Podcast

Product management podcasts present valuable tips, fresh ideas, and success strategies for everyone in PM. Plus, it can be entertaining and profound listening to the diverse experiences and viewpoints of people who are just as passionate about product management as you. 

Whether you’re looking for a trending PM podcast to follow or considering starting one, UXCam has you covered. This article shares our recommendation on five of the best PM podcasts, with must-listen-to episodes, plus insights into what makes a PM podcast great.

5 Best Product Management Podcasts

Here’s a quick rundown of our five favorite PM podcasts:

  1. This is Product Management - best for realities of product management.

  2. The Product Manager Podcast - best for a 360-degree view of products.

  3. The Product Podcast - best for PM best practices.

  4. Product Hunt Radio - best for the latest product management tech.

  5. Lenny’s Podcast - best for newbies and experienced product managers.

This is Product Management - Best for realities of product management

This is product management podcast

The This is Product Management podcast by DISQO features the brightest minds from various product team disciplines discussing user research, experimentation, and corporation innovation. There is also a focus on day-to-day duties, tasks, decisions, and realities and how to adjust to being a product manager.   

Join over 15,000 weekly listeners as they learn insights and best practices from founders, product leaders, and authors from companies like Adobe, Shopify, and Viacom.  Consider listening to “Human Behavior is Product Management” to discuss customer motivations and behavioral science to get started.

The Product Manager Podcast - Best for 360-degree view of products

The product manager podcast

Product Manager Podcast is a community that explores trending product manager topics and gets the tough questions answered for actionable insights for better product management. Discover the best in product strategy, frameworks, customer research, product development, and more.

For example, in their “How to Build Trust within Your Product Team & Get Stakeholder Buy-in” podcast, they discover a winning formula followed by the lead product manager at DagsHub.

The Product Podcast - Best for PM best practices

The Product Podcast

The Product Podcast by Product School has 300+ episodes delivering the best of the best content from all-star Product Leaders from Google, Microsoft, Slack, Facebook, and many other startups and tech companies. They discuss all things product management—from breaking into the industry to diverse team collaboration.

For a taster, click here for a podcast from Chief Product Officer at HubSpot, where he talks about starting products from scratch.

Product hunt radio - Best for latest PM tech

Product Hunt Radio

The Product Hunt Radio is a weekly podcast where founders, investors, and  Ryan Hoover and Abadesi Osunsade speak to well-known founders, investors, and product makers to discuss the latest cutting-edge tech in the industry. They offer engaging insight by primarily focusing on different aspects of product management that have affected the guest's experience. 

For a discussion on adding personality to software and customer-centric design, check out the “How to design products that delight your users” podcast, where Abadesi talks to VP of Design at Slack. 

Speaking of innovative tech, UXCam is a leading platform for mobile analytics. Product teams for top global mobile app brands rely on our data quantitative and qualitative data to accurately understand their user’s behavior.

Dashboard Product intelligence uxcam

Lenny’s Podcast - Best for newbies and experienced product managers

Lenny's Podcast

Lenny’s Podcast by famous digital product specialist personalty Lenny Rachitsky has begun sharing his product consultant wisdom in a newsletter and has since moved to audio content. Lenny's interviews offer a direct, straight-talking style as he asks professionals the right questions for valuable insights for people just getting started in PM to seasoned managers alike.

In “The 10 Traits of Great PMs, How AI Will Impact Your Product, and Slack’s Product Development Process,”  Chief Product Officer at Slack Noah Weiss discusses how Slack’s product team will approach AI, essential areas of growth for new and senior PMs, and more.


How product management podcasts can benefit you

  • Diverse topics: Product managers can delve into many facets of product management and expand their knowledge through various topics, including market trends, growth tactics, customer insights, UX design, agile methodologies, how to lead product teams, and more.

  • Exclusive insights: Podcast guests can be PM experts and seasoned professionals sharing their knowledge, real-world experiences, and varied perspectives casually and openly. You’ll comprehensively understand PM concepts, tried and tested strategies, and best practices.

  • Listen anytime, anywhere: PM podcasts are usually available on demand. Therefore, they can be listened to at any time, at your own pace, and from any preferred device or platform, without needing to make time for reading or watching. 

What makes a good product management podcast?

Here is some secret sauce used in making hit PM podcasts, so if you’re considering starting one, you’ll know the recipe.

  • A mixed format:  To accommodate different learning preferences, good PM podcasts may feature a combination of case studies, interview-style episodes, topic deep dives, Q&A sessions, and snackable short-form videos.

  • Relatable experiences: A great attribute of a strong PM podcast is one that entwines real-life experiences and relatable anecdotes into the latest product management news. This technique offers context to make it easier to digest how to apply frameworks, concepts, and theories in the real world.

  • Diverse perspectives: The best PM podcasts offer different viewpoints from product managers from different-sized businesses and industries and roles within product management.

  • High quality: Quality over quantity. Look for impactful, engaging topics and crystal-clear audio quality for easy and enjoyable listening.

  • Concise, valuable, and entertaining: Listeners may be multi-tasking as they listen, so product management podcasts should be concise, helpful, and hold the listener's attention—no fluff to sidetrack from the core message. Episodes should be as punchy and engaging as possible.

UXCam best analytic tool for mobile app product managers

Whether you’re a seasoned product manager or an intern, product management podcasts are a great way to keep up-to-date with industry trends and brush up on or learn about all things PM. Many podcasts offer fresh ideas, insights, and inspiration from industry experts to help keep product teams competitive.

Here at UXCam, we also help keep product teams ahead of the game. Our behavior analytics provide a deep understanding of your users and the most accurate thanks to our market-leading SDK.

See why leading mobile brands use UXCam to create winning products by starting a free trial.

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Tope Longe
Tope Longe

Growth Manager

Ardent technophile exploring the world of mobile app product management at UXCam.

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