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Know your users on a deeper level

Find patterns and trends in your user base with ease.

  • Analyze immediately with out-of-the-box segments
  • Dig deeper with custom segmentations
  • Surface hidden patterns that can reveal conversion, engagement and churn drivers
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 Segmentation Feature - See trends faster

See trends faster with pre-built segments

Our pre-configured filters groups help you see patterns quicker. Automatically group users by segments, for example:

  • New users: Analyze user behavior during your onboarding flows
  • Returning or Loyal users: See how power users behave
  • Users that are slipping away: Find out why users churn
Segmentation Feature - Find the needle in the haystack

Find the needle in the haystack

Use custom events and user properties to slice your user data. Expand your analysis, and dive into the:

  • User behavior based on subscriptions
  • Differences between high and low LTV user groups
  • Impact of experiments, by segmenting users according to AB tests
Segmentation Feature - Discover hidden behavior patterns

Discover hidden 
behavior patterns

See how user groups navigate through your app, and dive into their experience using session replays and heatmaps.

  • Find key actions influencing conversions
  • Discover hidden UX friction points and churn drivers
  • Analyze the behavior of power users that can inspire your new features
Segmentation Feature - Improve your onboarding process

Improve your onboarding process

Analyze drop-offs to see if there are specific user segments behind metric decreases.

  • Segment users that show frustration signals, or experiencing bugs
  • Segment dark and light mode users to identify potential usability issues
  • Segment users with password errors or email validation issues

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If something goes wrong within the app, UXCam is the first port of call to understand what's going on. It is an integral part of our launch and live ops strategy.

daniel tomilnson costa coffee

Daniel Tomlinson

Senior Analytics Manager, Costa coffee

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costa coffee new - white

Thanks to UXCam, we had a real light-bulb moment that led us to the key bottleneck where users struggled the most.

Gaurav Jain New

Gaurav Jain

Lead Product Manager, background logo
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UXCam helped us to find a hidden flaw with one of our new features. Within three days, we ran an experiment with a revamped design. The updates helped us double our sales after the release.

Blake Johnson

Blake Johnson

Product Owner, Placemakers

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Built for mobile app performance

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    Battle-tested SDK

    UXCam's lightweight SDK ensures smooth app performance. Video recordings are done on a background thread to maintain responsiveness. Data is uploaded when the app goes into the background.

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    Privacy compliant

    Our legally compliant architecture keeps your data safe. We automatically block sensitive fields and provide you with the right tools to prevent sensitive data from ever leaving your user's device.

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    Easy integrations

    You can seamlessly integrate your existing analytics tools with UXCam. This allows you to build the perfect analytics stack for understanding user behavior by connecting the right set of solutions.

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