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JobNimbus doubles its app store rating with UXCam



JobNimbus is a CRM and project management software wrapped up in one application. The platform is an all-in-one solution for contractors (roofing and construction professionals) to manage their business more efficiently, improve communication with customers, and increase overall productivity.

Since contractors do most of their work out on the field, the app is designed to be used on the go. Contractors can invoice, collect payments, monitor jobs, and manage tasks all from their mobile devices.

from 2.5 stars to 4.8 stars

On the app store

Adoption jumped from 0.51% to 25%

within 4 weeks

App is now a top 3 retention reason

Instead of a top 3 churn reason

The Challenge

Back in 2020, JobNimbus' team struggled with their app experience.

  • They had a high churn rate and a 2.5-star review rating. 

  • Their app was poorly designed, not user-centric, and certainly did not meet the users’ needs. 

Despite all the team efforts and dedication, these results were simply not enough. The team began to realize that the majority of their users were not so “tech-savvy”. Many contractors still relied on traditional methods such as pen and paper and were very much averse to digital tools. The team worriedly asked itself, “How do we get people who don’t usually incorporate technology as a solution to do so? How do we build products to be easier to use?” This was starting to seem like an impossible task.

The solution 

It’s always been UXCam from the beginning

Todd Furness

JobNimbus Group Product Manager

To fix the problem, the team decided it was high time to rebuild the app, but needed to ensure they would not make the same mistakes. The new app had to address the non tech savvy component and truly consider customer needs. The team needed a tool that would help them understand customer pains and challenges to create a new app that actually solves customers' problems.

To make well-informed decisions based on both quantitative and qualitative data they decided to implement UXCam. After 18 tireless months, JobNimbus was able to successfully rebuild its app, boost its app rating to 4.8 stars, and move from a top 3 churn reason to a top 3 retention reason. 

How did JobNimbus use UXCam to track the performance of its new app? 

This data from UXCam helps us not confuse motion for progress. Just because we're working hard, if we're not moving the needle on what we should be moving our metrics on, then it doesn't matter. UXCam helps us with experimentation and a lot of other things.

Todd Furness

JobNimbus Group Product Manager

The product team tracks various metrics such as user feature adoption %, monthly active users, % cash-free sessions, and device model distribution. All these metrics are easy to set up on UXCam’s customizable dashboard, which comes with pre-built, customizable reports. As a result, the team goes into the UXCam dashboard every day to retrieve different metrics and input them into the centralized scorecard.

Like many fast-growing companies, JobNimbus uses the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) framework to clarify the company’s vision, align teams, and improve performance. Specifically, the team uses a scorecard as a tool to measure progress and track KPIs on a daily basis. Every person within the product team at JobNimbus owns a KPI and is held accountable for its performance. 

The company has made the UXCam dashboard an integral part of its scorecard tracking processes.  UXCam’s access to data around different segments, user sessions, and event tracking has played a crucial part in the team’s decision-making and business impact.  

How does JobNimbus use data from UXCam to drive decisions? 

Having a well-designed and functional app is crucial but not enough. Todd, group product manager at Jobnimbus, shares how he used UXCam to guide decision-making and reduce costs and resources in the long term.

1. Reducing costs by identifying which OS to support 

JobNimbus currently supports both IOS 15 & 16. They use UXCam device data to  monitor their users' device models and OS to identify how many of their users are forced to use IOS 15 due to using older phones. 

This data helps them make strategic decisions on when they can stop supporting older versions without impacting their user base, eliminating risk. The team checks the number of users operating on IOS 15 weekly and plans to stop supporting older versions once the number of users is below a fixed threshold. Stopping support for IOS 15 will mean reduced development and maintenance costs and the ability to focus on new features and performance improvements.  

The team created a report called ‘IOS 16 Non Supported Users’ on their UXCam dashboard. They filtered/grouped by device model and selected all the iOS devices that are not compatible with IOS 16. They track this table weekly. 

They use the same device data from UXCam to discover which cities have the most active users to determine where their city hubs are, and if there's enough demand to host a user conference.

2. Track adoption rate to guide product decisions

Today, JobNimbus offers both web and mobile app solutions. As the app gained popularity, the team decided to invest more resources into building the Kanban Board feature of the app. 

This board feature helps contractors see where jobs are in their production process. The initial plan was to release a basic version to start, and later release an improved version similar to the one they already offered on the web. 

However, while tracking adoption percentage through UXCam, they saw adoption rate for the app version skyrocket from 0.51% to over 25% within 4 weeks. At the same time, they were also able to see exactly how users interacted with the feature through session recordings. 

With this, the team made the decision it was no longer essential to build a whole other version and changed their product roadmap. Thanks to the insights from UXCam, the team saved two months of work and was able to better prioritize their product releases. 

This type of data in UXCam is super helpful to make that kind of determination

Todd Furness

JobNimbus Group Product Manager

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