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How Recora reduced support tickets by 142% with UXCam

Health and fitness


Recora is redefining the future of heart health by offering a virtual cardiac rehabilitation app, helping heart procedure patients recover in a virtual environment from home.

The Recora team works closely with hospitals and medical centers to deliver life changing programs for patients post-operation. The aim is to increase program enrollment rates, completion rates, and to lower the mortality rate.

Most used UXCam features:

  • Session replay and heatmaps
  • Event analytics
  • Funnels
  • Customizable dashboard

4 x increase

In heart health program completion rates

142% ticket reduction

In users complaining about a bad experience

30% decrease

In user frustration signals (rage taps)

We had some breadcrumbs but we couldn’t get to the root of the problem. It felt like half the story was missing and I think that half really is those events and ability to see the sessions.

Emma Cancelliere-Stanton

Head of Product

The Recora app

After patients have had some type of heart procedure, they can sign up to use the Recora app. They then receive a ‘Recora Recovery Kit’ in the mail that includes a smart tablet, blood pressure and heart rate monitors, and exercise resistance bands to prepare them for their recovery journey. 

Then it’s time to begin. With the app, users can work closely with health care providers, join live sessions for coaching, and track their progress by inputting blood pressure results.

The challenge

Many of Recora's older demographic were left frustrated when attempting to interact with the ‘join session’ button. The team received many calls from users complaining that tablets simply weren't working, meaning patients were missing sessions with their doctor.

Before using UXCam the Recora team would attempt to fix the issue over the phone. However, the demographics limited understanding of technology made solving the problem from a distance challenging, ending in the user having to send the tablet back for replacement. This resulted in extra costs, a physical effort from the users end, and additional effort from the dev team to check the tablets - not exactly optimal. 

The majority of the time when someone said 'this is broken', it wasn’t really broken, it was something that could be solved. We just didn’t have the information we needed to solve it.

Emma Cancelliere-Stanton

Head of Product

Once the team started using UXCam, they took a look at heatmaps and saw why users were struggling with interacting with the ‘join session’ button. Instead of tapping on it, they discovered that users were holding it down, like a physical button on a remote control, which wouldn’t trigger the event action.  From heatmaps, they filtered for sessions with the ‘join session’ event. They found from reviewing session recordings that the button was timing out, the session wouldn’t start once users removed their finger. 

Session replay has been a lifesaver for us.

Emma Cancelliere-Stanton

Head of Product

The Recora team noticed that after an unexpected encounter like this, their app engagement rate would drop. Most likely because the app wasn’t meeting users expectations, but they were blind to the real problem. 

The solution

Now, Recora doesn’t have tablets coming back to them because they’re ‘faulty’, they solve everything remotely. Firstly, they knew from heatmaps and session replays that the UI of that critical ‘join session’ button needed to change. Instead of only being able to tap, they also enabled a press-and-hold gesture to trigger the button. It didn’t require a huge amount of resources from Recora’s side, and it improved the user experience immensely.  Recora has also been able to use session replay to look into other specific issues users are having. For example, if the team sees a user trying to upload a photo to their food journal, but then closes the app after attempting a few times, they can assume they need some advice. They can then contact that user about the specific issue and walk them through how to do it. 

Thanks to just a few small changes like this, Recora has seen: 

  • An amazing 142% decrease in the number of tickets related to the ‘join session’ button not working. 

  • 1/3 of the devices returned due to hardware issues no longer needed to be returned. 

  • 30% decrease in rage taps.  

Why Recora chose UXCam

Recora was previously using Mixpanel for analytics. They found that defining and setting up events was complicated, having to constantly update an event. With Mixpanel their biggest metric was page views, which wasn’t telling them a whole lot about any specific user behaviors. 

The Recora team was looking for an analytics tool that is HIPPA compliant and supports Flutter implementation, which was proving challenging to find. After speaking to UXCam and talking through all their concerns, the product manager commented: 

I really felt like we were being listened to, we moved through contracting so quickly and so seamlessly. It was one of the easiest platforms I think we’ve ever had to implement.

Emma Cancelliere-Stanton

Head of Product

Recora was also interested in using Fullstory or Hotjar, however they recognized the great customer support from UXCam, receiving answers to questions in just a couple of hours. Their product manager felt as if UXCam was genuinely interested in their needs and was able to support them with their long term projects and goals effectively. 

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