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How to analyze UX effect on mobile app conversion

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Watch our co-hosted webinar with The Product Alliance to learn how your app’s UX could be affecting your conversion rates. In this webinar, we deep dive into the most important conversion funnels to get right, common mistakes people make, and how to use qualitative analytics to identify UX issues and improve your optimization and re-engagement strategies.

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Mobile apps over mobile web

Learn why you should invest more into your mobile app UX compared to mobile web when it comes to conversion rate optimization.

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Key conversion funnels

Optimize your key conversion funnels with industry best practices and learn which common mistakes to avoid.

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Identify UX issues

Get actionable tips on how to identify UX issues, frustration signals, and friction points hurting your conversion funnels.

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Enrich the rest of your tech stack

Use qualitative data and analytics to improve the efficiency of your A/B testing practices and mobile marketing strategies.


  • Profile Host Maia

    Maia Luke

    Partnerships Manager,

    Maia has worked in various sales and marketing roles the past 6 years. She is currently leading the Partnerships Program at UXCam.

  • Profile Guest Yoav

    Yoav Yechiam

    Analytics Consultant,

    The Product Alliance

    Yoav is globally recognized in the field of analytics & optimization and is currently the Manager Partner at The Product Alliance.

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