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Why auto capture is your secret weapon during a recession


16 January, 2023

Kishan Gupta

Co-Founder of UXCam

Getting to the why - Autocapture

Why you need auto capture

Today, marketing budgets are getting cut - gone are the days when you could pour money into the funnel, let the CAC balloon, and be okay as you were still growing. More frugal growth methods are necessary for both survival and evolution - you need to do more with less. One of the efficiency levers you as a product manager can pull is auto-capture. 

Auto capture —a single snippet of code that automatically gathers complete user behavior data like clicks and swipes, device data like screen size and model, and technical data — can save hundreds of hours of manual tagging. Not to mention, gets you in the good books with engineers whom you’ve been asking to instrument events. 

Here are some questions that auto-capture can answer without any engineering experience: 

Screen behavior

  • Which screens are users most engaged with?

  • What parts of the screen are unresponsive?

  • Where do they spend most of their time?

  • Which screen’s have the highest quit rate?

  • What are the most common paths users follow in my app?

  • Which screens have the highest crash rates or UI freezes?

  • Which screens have the highest engagement time?

  • What features or screens in my app are most frustrating for users? (you can tell with rage taps per screen)

Technical questions

  • Where do I have the highest crash rate on my screen?

  • What are the most common interactions (gestures) used when interacting with my app? 

  • Which platform versions are performing better or worse with your app? (in Heap you can’t filter by platform)

User properties

  • Which are the top devices users are using?

  • Which devices are performance best vs least

  • What app version has the highest crashes?

  • Compare iOS vs Android when it comes to crashes, UI freezes, and handled exceptions

The fact that you don't need manual instrumentation to answer these questions, means you can focus on building your product, not setting up tracking. You can read the full blog on auto capture here: How to retain users in a recession with UXCam

In my latest video, I talk about the benefits of auto-capture, why it’s the new way to manage products, and why you need to start using this today. 

Are you using auto-capture? Let me know about how you’re using the technology and whether it’s changed the way you use data in your teams. 

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Kishan Gupta

Co-Founder of UXCam

Co-Founder, UXCam

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