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Six tips for building your app around your user


9 March, 2023

Kishan Gupta

Co-Founder of UXCam

Getting to the why: Episode 03

As the CEO of a mobile app analytics company, I often hear, “What does empathizing with your user even mean?” and more importantly — how do you even do it?

I admit it’s much easier said than done so I wanted to break it down for you in this episode.

The first problem I talk about in the episode is resisting the temptation to bring your assumptions to product decisions. I know it’s really tempting to say that something worked at your former company, so it’s likely to work at your current one.

But you’re working with different users, different needs, and different paint points, you can’t take a solution from one and slap it onto another. 

That’s why my first tip is to "Know that you know nothing"

Watch the full episode to find the five other tips I talk about when building around the user. 

When you’re done, I’m curious to know, what other questions you have about empathizing with your mobile app users. How do you put yourself in your users’ shoes?

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Kishan Gupta

Co-Founder of UXCam

Co-Founder, UXCam

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